Kennedy Drahthaars


Our goal is to produce good hunting dogs that are easy to train.  To accomplish this we choose dogs with strong natural instincts and possess the cooperation to work with the hunter.  We like dogs with a calm disposition and a stable temperament.  The dog should have a coat and conformation that will withstand harsh hunting conditions.  This type of dog is a pleasure to work with and to hunt over.

We are located in the ghost town of Kennedy in Wisconsin’s northwoods.  Our dogs are used on a variety of game including: ruffed grouse, woodcock, snowshoe hare, waterfowl, and bloodtrailing deer.  To learn more about our hunting experiences with Drahthaars please visit our hunting page.

We chose VDD registered Drahthaars because of their versatility and the breed program.  To read more about the VDD please visit the VDD/GNA website.

Please contact us for any question or further information about Drahthaars, the VDD, litters, or started dogs.


Versatile dogs for the avid hunter.